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CEDI Online Self-Service Tools Available

CEDI offers self-service tools on the CEDI Website (www.ngscedi.com) which are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience.

The self-service tools include:

  • Gateway Self-Service Password Portal

The CEDI Gateway Self-Service Password Portal is a simple and secure Web-based process for CEDI Trading Partner password changes or resets.

  • 277CA Edit Lookup Tool

The Edit Lookup Tool provides easy-to-understand descriptions associated with the edit code(s) returned on the 277 Claim Acknowledgement (277CA) for X12 837 version 5010A1 claims. 

  • Enrollment Status Tool

The Enrollment Status Tool allows you to instantly check the status of your submitted CEDI enrollment packet.

  • NPI Crosswalk Tool

The NPI Crosswalk Tool allows suppliers to verify the crosswalk link established between a billing NPI and DME PTAN. CEDI recommends verifying the NPI to PTAN link is established before completing the CEDI Enrollment Forms.

  • Recertification Status Check Tool

The Recertification Status Tool allows you to check the status of your current year’s CEDI Trading Partner Recertification Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the CEDI Help Desk at ngs.cedihelpdesk@wellpoint.com.

Post Date: 2/21/19