Change Healthcare recently suffered a cyber-attack and is unable to send claims and/or retrieve remittance advices (ERAs). If you are impacted, CEDI offers a list of approved software vendors, billing services, and clearinghouses at as alternatives to send claims to and/or receive ERAs from CEDI. CEDI also offers the web based CEDI Claims Portal for manual entry of claims and to retrieve the ERA.

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National Government Services CEDI

The CEDI (Common Electronic Data Interchange) provides a single, electronic front end solution for all Medicare DME suppliers. CEDI works closely with software vendors, billing services, clearinghouses, and Trading Partners (submitters) for their Medicare DME electronic transactions.

All DME MAC electronic claims (X12 837P and NCPDP D.0) as well as X12 276 claim status transactions are collected by CEDI. CEDI also returns all DME MAC electronic front end acknowledgements/reports, X12 835 electronic remittance advices and X12 277 claim status response transactions.

NOTE: CEDI does not handle Claim Status Inquiry (CSI) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). DME MAC suppliers must contact the appropriate DME MAC Jurisdiction for CSI and EFT information.

This Web site is dedicated to National Government Services' CEDI information.

For information about the availability of auxiliary aids and services, please visit:  External Link